Land Products


Military Vehicles of British origin including:

Centurion MBT Ferret Saladin
Saracen Stalwart FV432 and Variants
Scorpion Scitmar Sabre
Spartan Samaritan Sampson
Striker Stormer Chieftain MBT
Chieftain Bridge Layer Warrior APC Warrior BCV
Warrior OPV Warrior Repair Vehicle Khalid MBT
Challenger 1 MBT Challenger 11 MBT Challenger CRARRV


Perkins Perkins CV8  Perkins Phaser
Cummins Coventry Climax H30 Coventry Climax FWM
Rolls-Royce Meteor Rolls Royce  B60,61,80,81.  


Allison Automatic Transmissions David Brown Self Change Gears Gearbox and Parts
Drive Line Parts Final Drive Assemblies & Parts Caterpillar Parts

Hydraulics - Pumps, Motors, Valves, Governors,Filters & Pipe Lines:

Girling Lockheed Dunlop
APPH Hydraulics Delphi Meritor
Parker Regulators Europa Iso-speedic

Electrical Equipment - Alternators, Generators, Controls & Switches:

Lucas Prestolite Bosch 

Fuel Systems - Pumps, Filters, Valves & Pipe Lines:

CAV Bosch Lucas

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